The St Andrew's Island


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Rolling Stock

The rolling stock consists of a mixture of scratch built and kit bashed commercial stock. Not a lot is available off the shelf in 1/12th or SE scales so needs must! The fun of modelling for me comes from the making of the models...the running is an added bonus!

Heywoodesk Brake Van/Coach

I like the little Heywood 4 wheel brakevan from Eaton Hall, so decided I'd like something similar! As my gauge is wider than 15inch the wagon came out bigger but I like it...It acts as brakevan and as a useful little passenger vehicle as well, if there is not many people to carry!

Scatch built from stripwood and plasticard it has IP Engineering axleboxes and wheels which look ok.


The body was built from plasticard and wood....

The finished model was undercoated grey using Plasticote paint


Then painted with Plasticote satin "wine red"

The treadplate is Slaters 1/24th plasticard, picked out to indicate wear with silver metallic paint. The hand rails were then added bent up from brass rod. I still need to add the final details such as the braking gear.
The dog with the "orange eyebrows" is a dolls house 1/12th scale one....

Coaching Stock

The line only owns one semi-open coach at the moment. It is totally scratch built from plasticard and stripwood, with the only bought in parts being the wheels, and they were stolen from and old Bachmann G scale Bobber caboose!

The frames were constructed from stripwood and the axleboxes are made of wood with the ends of 3amp fuses acting as bear seems to work and cost nothing!

The bodywork is made from Plasticard and Brass channel and was built in sections as can be seen below....


The finished coach was undercoated with grey then sprayed with wine red plasticote paint....
The treadplate flooring was then added using Slaters 1/24th scale plasticard design, this seems way over scale for 1/24th but looks Ok in 1/12th!
The plate was aged by picking out the tops of the treads that would wear with metallic silver paint. A real pain to do and time consuming, but worth it in the end.

Finally the weather curtains were added from an old cotton bedsheet!
I am planning on building a second coach when time allows!

Coach 2

Over the winter I built a second cheap and cheerful coach.... on the same lines as before but with a planked floor and slightly more worn look.
Sadly this one had an accident and plunged off the raised section of line, but the damage was thankfully repairable!

Darj trolley.

I saw this ex Peter Coulter Darj trolley on the Back2bay6 website and had to buy it! It came in bare wood and had a little work to be done on the roof.... I decided to try to spruce it up by painting and staining it and adding a bit more detail to the ply roof. Still working on it but here is the progress so far....

Penryhn Coach

I picked up a kit for a 7/8ths Penryhn Coach from Mike Ousby at the 16mm Stoneleigh show. This fell together easily and with a bit of tweeking and scale Talisman axleboxes (from a mate) and 16 inch SVE wheels from Back2Bay6 it looks quite the business. I have written up the build on the SE Lounge. This was eventually joined by a second one.

IP Engineering Coaches

There are two of these fine 7/8ths scale coaches which were built from the excellent IP Engineering laser cut wooden kits. These are really for the other style of line that is developing running on the garden tracks...a bucolic British narrow gauge line set somewhere in the rolling English countryside and running just around the 2WW.
As the kits are made from top quality ply they are nicely cut with crisp details, but I don't like the grain in the wood. So out came the sanding sealer and I worked very hard over several days carefully applying a layer of sealer, letting it dry then sanding, many times over until the grain vanished. The kits fitted together like a dream and I am slowly adding interior detail.