The St Andrew's Island


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Basic Construction

The line is built using Aristocraft 45mm brass code 332 track. I would now probably have hand built suitable track...but as I still wish to be able to run the odd track powered G scale loco etc so I'll leave it as it is!
The track is loose laid into gravel on top of a 6inch deep trench filled with larger gravel etc. I have found that if tamped down well, this doesn't move much at all.
The raised section is built on posts sunk into the ground with metal postholders, and the track bed is made of decking boards. I had a mishap with placing these so its not as neat as I'd have liked it to be!

The first ideas looks very dry and the foxgloves behind the line have gone well over!

Starting out with the first of the trenches

Awaiting filling and ballasting....

The raised section.

The siding is added and ballasting complete... The first small plants have gone in. The Bluebells in the border behind are begining to grow so this was in the late winter after construction began in 2006. The boarder behind is full of Foxgloves in the middle of every other year (they are Bi-annual of course).  I must get some seed down so they come every year, because they look a picture!

We keep our garden fairly wild because of our other interests in birds and wildlife...the over grown areas attract loads of insects etc. I regularly run a live moth trap for instance to see whats arriving!


New Buildings added to the Flower Farm Depot

Looking better now the plants are growing a bit...

What a difference the summer makes!

Now one year on. The plants are starting to get their feet in.

Summer makes all the difference


Ten years marks changes in the line, the vegetation has grown hugely and the line has taken on a new character.

Recent Photos