The St Andrew's Island


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Accucraft Hunslet "Sympetrum".

A slightly modified and weathered Accucraft Hunslet .

New Build-the Lawrig!

I had, some time ago acquired a "Baldrig" body kit from Simply7/8ths. This was a lovely nickel silver etched body kit that needed soldering together etc. Now it was designed for the Accucraft Edrig/Ragleth body, but being a bit weird I decided I would go down a different route. I wanted a bigger loco so ordered a Lawley running chassis and boiler from Accucraft. This ment that I needed to fiddle quite a bit to fit the body.

The kit went together like a dream and for my first big soldering job went together quickly and fairly neatly. I used a small torch to get the heat and "flame soldered" it together.
The basic body...

Then I modified the body to fit the chassis, adding a rear bunker, more rivets etc. The half round beading on the tanks etc added something too. Also added was a good selection of the excellent Talisman brass detailing castings. I added more rivet detail to the buffer beams etc too.

Here is where we stand now with the acid etch base coat on. I have still to add lamp irons to the front, some Talisman "Bell mouth" couplings are on order, and I'm wondering about sme additional handrails.....

Newly out of the paint shop....

 Here is a pic with one of Rob Bennetts 7/8ths scale Busy Bodies... He is quite a chunky 7/8ths figure by the way. This shows what a tiny loco this would have been full size!

Tramway Locomotive

The latest loco to be almost ready to join the fleet is in a new style... it is 7/8ths and built from scratch as a project to produce a quick and simple battery powered locomotive to produce a train with the IP coaches and brakevan. This is for the new mainland style 2foot narrow gauge line (as opposed to the estate railway on St Andrew's Island!).

I have always liked the small tramway style locomotives that 009 modelers often build on simple chassis using the "skirts" to hide the unprototypical mechanisms.I just happened to have an 0-6-0 Piko chassis in a drawer. I had been going to build a small diesel on it but decided against this and built a steam outline loco instead!

Here's where we are at at the moment!
Recently this has been further modified. I finally got a nice dome and turned safety valve cover from Roundhouse Engineering at the 16mm AGM at Peterborough so I have now replaced the ornate safety cover and salter safety valves with those two, and added a couple of hand rails to the tops of the tanks, plus adding bolt heads etc to the cylinders. I also added sandboxes and roscoe lubricators to liven up the front end.


Well a new steamer has made the sick inducing crossing to this little island and is causing much interest. It is a historic loco and has just had its first run around the island delivering potatoes and empty flower boxes to the farms as a test run.  It has been acquired by "the Commander" from the owner of Stately Manor and Weston Estates Railways in Shropshire as it was surplus to requirements now they have some new loco's.
The Commander is hoping it will be useful as a second steam locomotive to support Evelyn in hauling the trains of goods around the island as it is a powerful little beast and will be especially useful at harvest time and peak periods of traffic and it will free up Evelyn for the more prestigious passenger traffic in the summer months.

In reality I couldn't resist when I was offered the chance to acquire Moth, Rob Bennetts legendary 7/8ths Regner Konrad conversion for my birthday as a present from my better half, as it was the loco that got me into 7/8ths in the first place!

Here she is on trials.

Edrig. Live Steam. Now "EVELYN"

The first locomotive is an Accucraft UK Edrig which awaits conversion to a 1/12th Heywood like loco thanks to a brass conversion kit from Back2bay6 based near Ironbridge in Shropshire UK. It is a large 0-4-0 anyway so doesn't look too bad as it stands!
Now back in service with a new pressure gauge thanks to Accucraft UK!!

The new bodywork is currently being painted, the first coat of brass etch is drying as I type...more news later!

New Bodywork.

Well here is the first shot of the undercoated bodywork from the Back2bay6 Katie conversion kit. It took a bit of work to get a nice smooth finish with the aerosol brass etch from Precision paints but I got for the colour!!

The new chimney is also undercoated...


A shot of the now named and numbered Evelyn.

Well I finally got this conversion virtually finished. Some nice name and number plates where aquired from Dragon G Scale and thanks to a nice chap at Live Steam Models in Little Eaton, Derbyshire I got a thread on the Roscoe lubricator and drilled out the smokbox to take it. Then I finally got a coat of Hammerite heat resistant black on the smokebox to get rid of the shiny toy look. The firebox area was also dulled down for the same reason.  Now I just need to neaten everything up and add a bit of weathering......


Evelyn's new clothes!

 I decided to do a bit of work on Evelyn this spring. As we seem to have a bit of a theme of black loco's after the tramway loco was built I repainted Evelyn to match. I actually prefer her in the plain slightly weathered livery. In truth the old livery had got a bit careworn...

The other modification I did was whilst she was stripped back to bare brass was to add some beading around the cab front sheet. I was going to add it to the tanks too, but decided on trying it I liked her better without. I think she needs a Lamp of some sort... I reckon I'll be buying a job lot as I have the other two awaiting lamps too!

Any way here she is on a skip train through the new station area.....


A few months ago, at Stoneleigh 16mm show, we ran into modeler Simon Harris who had recently completed a fantastic Simplex for 7/8ths scale, which was simply a masterpiece. We were chatting and it transpired that he had a second scratchbuilt chassis with a little body work done.....I was amazed when he said he had had no interest. I was even more suprised when Paul offered to have it finished and buy it for me as my birthday prezzie!

Simon's work is truly brilliant and we talked about what I wanted and how it was to be done, throughout the process. I was completely blown away when we picked it up......

So here is the latest Loco on the line.......

On test on Simon Harris's line.

At home on a passenger service.

LGB Conversion- the evolution of a locomotive.

I acquired an LGB feldbahn locomotive over Christmas. The first opportunity to test it came yesterday and I was very impressed, it  ran slowly on a track system that had had a quick wipe with meths after being left for 4 months!!

I was going to convert it to battery but now after running it with track power I reckon I can leave this a bit!

Now comes the fun bit, converting it into a passable 1/12th or 7/8ths loco....


The Feldbahn has been converted to a small Deutz type loco'. Will put details of the conversion into the diary section. Didn't want the usual dark green or yellow loco' so found this pastel green spray can at the local Focus DIY! Only problem is it plays havoc with the cameras exposure!

Bit of video I took on its first run.....


The Deutz-esque had its wheels weathered so looks better...needs a driver now.