The St Andrew's Island


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Scenes along the Line

Scenes along the Line.

This is intended to be a section of photo's etc of small scenes along the line. But first off we better have an over view!

The whole line from the top of the garden.

To the left we have the Farm siding, supposedly serving one of the small flower farms on the island, here there is the small covered siding and tiny tool shed, a crossing leads to a small yard where one of the locals has left a motor scooter parked behind the railings. The track then runs along a slightly raised border till it turns onto the raised section which it under planted with lavender bushes to attract insects to the garden. Then the line regains solid ground as it enters the small pasing loop which has a small loading dock and  ground level platform which serves the Island Hotel, curving back it crosses the lawn which acts as the islands cricket pitch and heliport! (Latter as on the real island of Tresco!).

Scenes around the Farm Siding.






Some scenes around the Flower Farm siding.

The Island Hotels Van.

The Island hotel runs an old (antique) Austin van, seen here at the tiny yard nearest the Hotel with the Hotels new and enthusiastic assistant manager Suzi! Oh dear she has a clipboard, this heralds someone's in trouble!

Steam in the cold!

As autumn fades into winter, I ran Evelyn for a spell on a cold, but crisp afternoon. Nice steamy plumes!!

Through the loop!

Past the farm siding. I Like this shot!

Closer view at the farm......

A few Scenes From Spring 2009

The Farm Shed.

Train out in the Wilds.....

Spring scenes

A few spring scenes from May 2009.....

Flowers at the Farm Siding.

Running through.

Farm Siding from afar.

In the Woods.

Evelyn in the flowers.

Penryhn Coach.

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