The St Andrew's Island


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Wagons etc.


The line has a mixture of scratchbuilt and modified commercial products as its wagons.
The HLW line of small 4 wheel wagons proved very useful as I found I can often get two wagons from one! I use a mixture of IPEngineering axle boxes and IPE and Bachmann wheels, for my scratchbuilt wagons.

V Tipper.

An essential part of the stock, one is built and two more await construction.
The V tipper comes from HLW, whilst the  frame  is scratchbuilt from stripwood and plasticard, running on IPE wheels and axleboxes.

First off the unweathered tipper.

The dents were made by softening the plastic very carefully over a candle flame then pushed to shape with a suitable tool, in this case I used a AA battery and some pens but a spoon or the like would probably work as well.
The wood was weathered by using a solution made by leaving wire wool in vinegar in a jar for a week, then painting the resulting liquid over the wood. This has different effects on different woods so try it first!!

The "metal parts" of the wagon were then painted black and  whilst this was wet "Real Rust" powder was sprinkled over it, with execss shaken off. This was left to dry. Then White Wine Vinegar was sprayed over it and left to work its magic...


I added a little more "Real Rust" where needed to give more texture etc and went over it again with the vinegar.


"Tops" Wagon.

I like the idea of open wagons convering into flats etc used by Sir Arthur Heywood on his 15 inch gauge lines so I adapted his tops wagon design....

The basis is the flat body and wheels of a HLW, V tipper (for the rest of that see above!).
The sides are widened with stripwood and the top planked, then Ozark minatures bolt head details are added.

Then a simple Plasticard top is made and fitted,

The finished wagon is then painted and weathered to using "Real Rust".


There are now two of this type of wagon on the SAIL!

Flat wagons etc

There are two Flats at the based on the HLW chassis again and one scratchbuilt.

The scratchbuilt one is made of stripwood and runs on IPEngineering running gear.
Here it is under construction.

And finished.

HLW flat wagon, just the basic wagon chassis, with a planked top...think now I shoul have widened it, never mind!
The load is a couple of items from the sale bin at the Dolls House Emporium, a chair for the hotel and a statue off to be restored..I built the statue crate from bits of lollypop stick!

Real Rust again provided the weathering on the axleboxes etc.

Oil Tanker.

There is a detailed HLW 4 wheel Tank wagon more on that one when I get a photo!

Finally a photo'!

Health and Safety saw this wagon and there was a sharp intake of breath, so into the works and it emerged with the obligatory warning signs!

Degrees of Decrepitude

You can never have enough Skips! Heres the latest additions...first up the "rubbish" skip...scratchbuilt using parts from HLW and IP Engineering.

Next up some stock LGB items which scale out OK in SE scale and have been painted and had the "Real Rust" treatment.

Finally all three at the Farm Siding....

New skip based wagons.

Thanks to the kindness of Ferd Mels of the SE Lounge a parcel arrived from Canada a while back containing several Jeff Saxton skip chassis. A purchase of some SVE 14inch wheels from back2Bay6 and we were ready to build.... but what? Then Simon Harris produced his excellent resin castings so 2 wagon bodies made their way here... a flat and a single plank, plus some oil drums Simon had had for a while and needed a little TLC.

Well, here are the results....

The Factory Flat.

The Single Plank Wagon.

Oil Drum Carrier.

I might add a toolbox to the Single Plank wagon....Or build another?

Any way heres the train behind the Deutz-esque....

Three Plank wagons.

A nice pressie from the other half was these 2 Three Plank wagon kits from Simon Harris at Modelearth. They made up into two nice wagons! Think I'll be getting more of these "estate type" wagons......